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Analyze and model risk & reward of equity compensation client positions and optimize management of equity compensation.

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Optimize your management of equity compensation strategies, asses tax liability and develop hedging and diversification action plans.

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Praise for ESO Book Written by ECM-Optimizer® Developer

Getting Started in Employee Stock Options (John Wiley & Sons, 2010), was co-authored by John Summa, Ph.D, developer of the ECM-Optimizer® equity compensation management system.

Praise for Getting Started In Employee Stock Options 

“Anyone who has been or is about to be granted stock optionswill find this book extremely valuable.”
–Blair Hull, Founder of the Hull Group, and current Chairmanand CEO of Matlock Capital, LLC

“John Olagues and John Summa have made an important contributionfor guiding employees and service providers in managing theiremployee stock options, written from the perspective of the optionstrader. The basics of defining the various elements of risk andapproaches to managing employee stock options are clearly explainedhere for the beginner. This book provides practical strategies tobe implemented with the guidance of skilled tax, legal, andinvestment advisors.”
–Michael Gray, CPA, author of Secrets of Tax Planning forEmployee Stock Options, 2009 Edition

“This book provides a much-needed introduction to practicalhedging strategies for employee stock options. Filled with concreteexamples and detailed explanations, it reveals the importance ofoptimal hedging and exercise timing in ESO management.”
–Tim S. T. Leung, Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics andStatistics, Johns Hopkins University

“This is the most comprehensive text I’ve seen on employee stockoption strategies. If you want to understand the alternatives foryour options, this is a must-read.”
–Chris Murphy, ESO Expert, Credit Suisse

“I can’t believe this book has not been written before.Employees and executives have been letting wealth evaporate foryears because they did not realize the value of their stockoptions. Here, the authors educate the employee on the value oftheir option holdings and give a sound strategy for maximizingprofits.”
–Tom Mcgourn, CFA, Derivatives Valuation Consultant, Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc.

All ECM-Optimizer® account holders receive a free copy of Getting Started in Employee Stock Options (John Wiley & Sons, 2010), was co-authored by John Summa, Ph.D, developer of the ECM-Optimizer® equity compensation management system.