Home Edition

ECM-Optimizer® Home Edition offers grantees of equity compensation packages analysis tools for making optimal decisions about risk/reward of holding  ESOs and other forms of equity compensation.

ECM-Optimizer® Home Edition is the perfect web-based tool for employees seeking to optimize their holdings by minimizing tax liability and risk associated with changes in the underlying asset’s value (ie., stock price changes). 

Companies continue to provide equity compensation to their employees and each year the total is well over $100 billion. These grants include employee stock options (ESOs), restricted shares of stock, and other incentive grants.

ECM-Optimizer® Home Editiongrantees with a one-of-a-kind tool for building and retaining high net worth clients to generated income from providing professional guidance to such clients. No programming knowledge required.

ECM-Optimizer® Home Edition offers the following advantages…

  • Offering unique hedging scenario analysis features
  • Modeling equity compensation risk and reward
  • Creating equity compensation analysis and reports for client
  • Providing an analysis framework company stock and option risk/reward metrics
  • Determining the timing of employee stock option exercise /sell decisions vs. hedge decisions
  • Monitoring vesting, expiration, risk/reward criteria
  • Calculating forfeiture value with different volatility assumptions
  • Assessing forfeiture value from early exercise or termination of employment

Our ECM-Optimizer® Home Edition provides grantees with powerful a analytical tool that is web-based offering the ability to generate reports containing valuable  metrics for tracking holdings of ESOs and other forms of equity compensation.

Our ECM-Optimizer® Home Edition web-based application allows grantees to customize reports enabling optimal decision-making.

Our ECM-Optimizer® Home Edition includes  what-if scenarios and can be configured to provide alerts regarding important deadlines and other parameter values.

Our ECM-Optimizer® Home Edition requires no special knowledge of programming or derivatives to be able produce valuable reports within minutes of setting parameter values (e.g., tax rates, stock price, time to expiration of grants, etc.).

Our ECM-Optimizer® Home Editioncomes with free training webinars, support and educational resources for grantees who purchase a subscription.

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